£39.50 Full Treatment

£27.50 Back only

£32.50 Back, legs and feet or Back, neck and face

Aromatherapy simply means the use of fragrant essential oils in whatever method you prefer to assist your wellbeing. This can be simply inhaled in an oil-burner or diffuser or dissolved in a warm soothing bath but more often your practitioner will apply essential oils through the medium of massage, diluted in a base oil. Alex always uses fractionated coconut oil as the base. It’s expensive, but you’re worth it! Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the skin and has many helpful properties in its own right. It leaves little or no residue and has no aroma of its own. It is colourless and light, as the white, aromatic part of the coconut has already been removed. It has the wonderful ability to carry essential oils without interfering with their beautiful aromas.

After your consultation oils will be chosen for you and blended together to make a unique blend that is perfect for your mood and health needs at that time. This is done every time you visit. Life is constantly on the move and dynamically changing, so the same blend isn’t going to suit you every time. You circumstances will be listened to attentively and your aromatherapy oils blended appropriately, fresh every time. Then you can lay back and receive your gentle, de-stressing massage, knowing the oils will be perfect for you.

At Gower Serenity your modesty is a top priority and you will be left in private to dress and undress before and after your treatment. Only the parts of your body being massaged will be exposed and never the bits you might blush about! Great care will be taken to ensure that you are warm and comfortable during your treatment and there is a cloakroom next door, should you need one.

Reiki Fusion


At Gower Serenity Reiki energy treatment is combined with the delights of essential oils to make a unique and exciting therapy. During this treatment you remain fully clothed, with just your feet bare, as you lay on the couch. Your chakras (or energy centres) will be dowsed and balanced and then Reiki energy will be transmitted by still hands over each chakra point. To finish your feet will be gently massaged. This ensures that however powerful the energy you have received, you will feel grounded and centred by the end of the treatment.

In this way you will still have the joy of a unique blend of essential oils made up for you and a non-invasive foot massage, while still remaining fully clothed and receiving the gentle uplift of Reiki energy.

Herbal Medicine

 Consultation £45 for one hour including iridology assessment, and 125 mls of herbal tincture. Follow up consultations £25 plus medicines.

A full medical history will be taken, along with your blood pressure and a peek in your eyes to assess your iridology constitution. Iridology is a useful tool for health management and a handout will be given on dietary advice, exercise suggestions and many other useful tips for your lifestyle.

Also included is a herbal tincture, made up of various different plants to suit your constitution to help get you back on the road to health. The body always seeks to rebalance itself and we can assist in this process by giving it the right conditions.